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Library Facts, Figures and Annual Reports

Library Facts and Figures 2020-2021

Collection Statistics

Print volumes 135,204
Journals currently received (Print Only) 1
Journals currently received (Electronic Only) 8,629
Electronic book titles 2,340
Databases 142
Total downloads from licensed e-journals 240,639
Total views of e-books 15,663
Total searches of licensed databases 54,783

Circulation Statistics

Gate Count 55,500
Number of checkouts (study room keys, Reserve, and circulating collection) 1,635

Interlibrary Loan Statistics

ILL items filled for our users 195
ILL requests filled for other libraries 928

Reference Statistics

Number of reference questions 3,003
Systematic Review Consultations 40

Writing Consultant Statistics

Number of Writing Consultant Requests 277
Pages reviewed by Writing Consultant 1,780

Education Statistics

Number of Education Sessions 72
Number of attendees 2,352
Number of hours library staff supported Zoom 527
Number of people attending library-supported Zoom sessions 6,367
Number of departmental exams requiring library staff to certify lab computers 47
Number of students coached by learning specialist 60


Square Footage 39,000 sq.ft.
Total user seating 436
Number of small group teaching rooms 7
Number of small study rooms Locked
Unlocked (includes small group rooms)
Number of public workstations 58
Number of computer labs 2
Number of seats in computer labs 49
Number of people using labs in 2020/2021 10,661
Number of seats in teleconference room 23
Number of photocopiers 1
Number of flatbed scanners 2
Number of public printers 3

Usage of Websites Maintained by the Library

Library internal home page visits 41,980
Library external page visits ( 6,518
Chronological History of the Health Sciences Center website visits* 17
healthelinks visits 1,803
LibGuides/subject guides visits 15,689
John C. McDonald, MD website visits 1,878
Total website traffic 67,885